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Concrete Restoration

Best Concrete Concepts, LLC offers concrete restoration services for your conventional concrete as well as your custom concrete.  As durable as concrete is, it does occasionally require repair and periodic maintenance.

Power Wash and Sealer

We will repair your conventional concrete driveway- cracked driveways can be repaired and refinished. We’ll use our pressure washer to remove dirt and mildew and clean it with special masonry cleaning solution. We will patch your concrete and resurface with our tools, brush a layer of sealer on and save you the money of pouring a new slab. Some homeowners can do concrete driveway repair on their own, but if you’re not up to the challenge or investment in tools, call Best Concrete Concepts for your concrete repair work.

Please see our Process page for more information about caring for your concrete surfaces.

Restoring Stamped or Stained Concrete

Use a pressure washer with no chemicals to clean the surface of the concrete. If the old sealer is discolored, additional treatment is needed to strip the discolored or failed concrete sealer. Stains can be removed with special cleaners such as oil stain remover or rust remover. Allow the concrete to dry thoroughly (1 -2 days) and apply the desired concrete sealer of the same formula as the last treatment (water-based or solvent-based), unless the last concrete sealer treatment is stripped. Wait 3-4 hours for foot traffic, and 24 hours for heavy/ vehicular traffic. You can refer to Concrete Network’s comparison chart of concrete sealers.