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Site Preparation

When the basic driveway design has been decided, the next step is site preparation. As an example, let’s assume that an existing asphalt driveway is being replaced with a traditional, broom-textured concrete driveway. In brief, this is how a typical site preparation works.

The existing thin layer of asphalt is easily removed with a skid loader by Best Concrete Concepts and trucked away. The existing gravel base is reusable…but since the new concrete driveway will be thicker, some of the gravel must be graded to maintain proper elevation.

The gravel base is compacted with a vibratory plate compactor. For a new driveway, a gravel subbase is not needed, but the subgrade must be compacted in a similar manner.

Lumber side forms should be placed and securely nailed to stakes in the ground. These stakes should be no more than 4 feet apart and should support each joint in the forming lumber. Measure for elevation and double check the base to insure uniform slab thickness.

Match the new driveway level with the existing garage slab and sidewalk. An isolation joint is needed where the drive is to meet these existing pavements. Typically ¼” to ½” thick premolded joint material is used to make this joint.