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Decorative Concrete

Decorative concrete is a functional, aesthetic enhancement to your new home or remodeling project offering flexible design and application options. Decorative concrete can be found in commercial and residential areas, indoors and out – from colored concrete floors to decorative concrete walls; around fireplaces, on countertops and patios and driveways. The modern industry offers a wide variety of durable, popular and unique choices in color hardeners, stamping patterns and textures.

Homeowners, designers and builders can transform ordinary cement into a stunning decorative element that highlights living spaces and increases home value. Add beauty to any room or area with a variety of options including:

Decorative concrete delivers great value by making your investment amount go further. It provides easy maintenance, an aesthetic and sustainable end product and a reduced-cost value improvement. Often, your choices may also be more affordable than alternatives, along with adding a personal or family touch, for example, by embedding objects in your custom concrete countertop, or adding the perfect red stain to your pool deck.

Decorative concrete can be safer than plain concrete, offering texture, with the proper amount of sealant, or in some uses, an anti-slip surface can be applied.

Decorative concrete can also meet the demands of today’s green marketplace, by functioning both as foundation slab and finished floor to conserve resources. Often, concrete materials are mined and manufactured locally, both reducing environmental impact and supporting the local economy. Structurally, concrete contributes to improved indoor air quality, better energy efficiency and expressive design options. Concrete materials can easily be reclaimed for other use or restored to their natural state.

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