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Concrete Flooring

Concrete Flooring for Basements and Rec Rooms

Consider for you basement or home flooring system a beautiful and economic concrete floor. Beautify your rec room with colored and textured flooring options that concrete offers. Some options for flooring include terrazzo flooring, acid etched concrete, polished, stamped, concrete overlays – all decorative, durable and unique to your taste and function. Basement floor radiant heating systems provide quiet, economic and environmentally friendly heating systems, especially for new home and building construction.

DON’T SETTLE FOR PLAIN GREY BASEMENT FLOORS, HAVE THEM DECORATIVE STAMPED IN THE CONSTRUCTION STAGE. YES, WHEN BEING BUILT! A finished basement is a popular way people are taking advantage of the cost savings by adding more usable square footage at a discounted price. Our experience has been a home owner who is seeking to finish their basement area will save money having their floors decoratively stamped now versus pouring plain grey concrete now and having a contractor later install carpet, wood, or tile over the concrete. Per foot we will be able to provide you the home owner with the most popular colors and stamped pattern available. A stamped basement floor can be the topic of conversation when entertaining while your guests look in disbelief at your new decorative concrete floor.

Most homeowners can have a colored, stamped floor of their choice for similar to or in most cases less than the original cost of concrete plus covering it with tile, wood, or carpet. Just ask us for options and we can show you some of the colors and patterns available to you.