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7 Concrete Facts You Didn’t Know

Concrete is a wonderfully versatile substance. It can be used anywhere from your driveway to a bookshelf. But how much do you really know about concrete? Read through these facts about concrete and learn something new about this incredible building

Top 4 Benefits of Building with Concrete

Concrete is not only beautiful, but a safe building material. In fact, safety is probably concrete’s biggest selling point. Concrete is durable and is built to last for years or even decades. These are only a few of the benefits

Using Stamped Concrete in Decorating

Stamped concrete is a method where a designer stamps wet concrete to create a design. At its best, stamped concrete will look like art and is a popular choice for outdoor patios. There are endless possibilities for brightening your outdoor

Brightening a Concrete Wall

Concrete walls have historically been rare inside homes. However, they are becoming more common in modern properties and renovated areas to create an industrial atmosphere. When mixed with more traditional home design aspects, an enhanced concrete wall can add to

Ideas for Bordering with Concrete

Did you know that concrete is one of the most versatile bordering materials you can use in your yard? Concrete design has come a long way from simple pouring techniques. Now, you can find concrete that looks like brick or