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Hiring a Concrete Contractor for Homebuilding With ICF

Whenever you’re considering hiring a contractor for a homebuilding project, it is absolutely vital to approach the hiring process with caution. A good rule of thumb when pricing and considering contractors is the “good, cheap, fast” concept: you get two

7 Concrete Facts You Didn’t Know

Concrete is a wonderfully versatile substance. It can be used anywhere from your driveway to a bookshelf. But how much do you really know about concrete? Read through these facts about concrete and learn something new about this incredible building

Why You Should Consider Concrete in Home Construction

insulated concrete form construction

If you’re building a home, you’re likely considering how to design your dream kitchen, the number of bedrooms, and paint hues. But before you delve into crafting your home’s interior, you have an important consideration – what building materials will

Everything You Need to Know About ICF Construction

Are you considering a new build? If you are, one of your most important considerations will be framing material. More durable and energy-efficient forms of construction, such as insulated concrete forms (ICFs), are replacing traditional wood framing. Learn what ICF

Five Ways Concrete Improves Energy Efficiency

If you’re researching the benefits of concrete homes, you’ve likely heard that energy efficiency tops the list. Energy efficiency is not only good for the environment, but for your wallet. Did you know that concrete homes offer energy savings both