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Hiring a Concrete Contractor for Homebuilding With ICF

Whenever you’re considering hiring a contractor for a homebuilding project, it is absolutely vital to approach the hiring process with caution. A good rule of thumb when pricing and considering contractors is the “good, cheap, fast” concept: you get two

Why You Should Consider Concrete in Home Construction

insulated concrete form construction

If you’re building a home, you’re likely considering how to design your dream kitchen, the number of bedrooms, and paint hues. But before you delve into crafting your home’s interior, you have an important consideration – what building materials will

Everything You Need to Know About ICF Construction

Are you considering a new build? If you are, one of your most important considerations will be framing material. More durable and energy-efficient forms of construction, such as insulated concrete forms (ICFs), are replacing traditional wood framing. Learn what ICF

Top 4 Benefits of Building with Concrete

Concrete is not only beautiful, but a safe building material. In fact, safety is probably concrete’s biggest selling point. Concrete is durable and is built to last for years or even decades. These are only a few of the benefits