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7 Concrete Facts You Didn’t Know

Concrete is a wonderfully versatile substance. It can be used anywhere from your driveway to a bookshelf. But how much do you really know about concrete? Read through these facts about concrete and learn something new about this incredible building

Top 4 Benefits of Building with Concrete

Concrete is not only beautiful, but a safe building material. In fact, safety is probably concrete’s biggest selling point. Concrete is durable and is built to last for years or even decades. These are only a few of the benefits

That’s Concrete? I Had No Idea You Could Do That

stamped, colored concrete

With all the advancements in the field of decorative concrete, many people would be shocked to find out that many floors, borders, and countertops are made from plain old concrete. Some people may not be able to tell the difference between concrete and stone or brick or even wood. This post will cover some of the unique laying techniques, finishes, and areas that decorative concrete companies are using today and offer some ideas for edging in the outdoor space.