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3 Things You Didn’t Know About Concrete

When most people picture concrete, they picture it with limited uses. Concrete is usually associated with sidewalks and grocery store parking lots, and may be maligned as a boring building material. However, today’s concrete experts are honing in on the

Ideas for Bordering with Concrete

Did you know that concrete is one of the most versatile bordering materials you can use in your yard? Concrete design has come a long way from simple pouring techniques. Now, you can find concrete that looks like brick or

5 Budget-Friendly Stamped Concrete Ideas

When designing your decorative concrete walkway, colored concrete driveway or stamped concrete patio to complement your home’s appearance and add uniqueness to your property, often you can save money, or get the biggest bang for your buck by making simple

Economic Home Renovations that Increase Home Value in a Tough Economy

 As a homeowner in this tough economy, whether you want to increase neighbor envy for your own satisfaction or prepare for putting your home on the market, your goal is to spend as little as possible to achieve your desired